The Game of Life
In this game we call life, we are privileged with the wonderful power of choice. Yes, each and every day, we get to choose how we feel and how we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. In this very inspirational meditation, Michael reminds us of who we really are and in doing so, gets us in a state of excitement for the day ahead. Feeling sensations as well as my breath, I sent well wishes to my body, thanking it for keeping me alive and enriching my game of life. Not allowing my mind to think about yesterday nor the to-do’s of later or tomorrow, everything became so clear. As I sit here, I am safe, secure and free. A sense of peace arises as I begin to feel light of Being. Filled with happiness, I get into a state of awe and wonder. Being in this state, I envisioned how it will influence my day ahead. A smile appeared on my face as a sense of excitement grew in my heart. As I play the game of life today, I choose to see any challenges that may arise as opportunities. As I choose to see opportunities, I will see the many blessings that today will bring. As I choose to see the many blessings that today will bring, I will naturally choose to make blessings appear for others. Boy-oh-Boy! As my friend Walter says, today is going to be a Wonder-Full day! Namaste, my friends! 🙏🏻❤️☮️