Go to Sleep Grateful

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Brandon Epstein
Mental Fitness Training
In this short guided meditation I help you fall asleep while simultaneously feeling abundantly grateful.
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Thinking about things, events or people we are grateful for before bed. This meditation went fast which is good!
Gratitude for 2020
So many lessons, sickness and sorrow but I/we prevailed! Thank you to the Universe, God and me.
Gratitude for life
These last couple of years has shown me to be grateful for the struggles, the obstacles, the challenges, and anything that’s meant to be a lesson for me and turn into a positive blessing and experience. Grateful for my babies Avianna and Teagan, sienna and Dylan, my husband shaun for being a light in my darkness, and for my chosen family Garrett, Megan, Travis, Juan, Matthew, Julie and brad Duncan and everyone in WW. Also forever grateful for my adoptive family Sheri, April, my sisters Carly, Sarah, Julie, Niara, arianna, Jeannette, and brothers Paxton and nick they are my world and I’ll forever be grateful for what each person has contributed to my wellbeing, my existence,and my overall me as the woman I am today