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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
The best person to start building a healthier relationship with is yourself. Take a listen to this track to engage in some self-exploration and build confidence in your relationship decisions.
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I have never felt respected in my life for who I am. I value honesty, integrity, kept promises, loyalty, love.
Getting To Know Myself..
I learned that, I have an absolute neeed for others to validate my progress, who I am as a person, and especially what I do to make sure they stay in my life! No matter the circumstances; helpful or drowning my self worth! I strive on others to like me, and that has to change for my own personal growth to start!
Core values
I learned that some major core values for me are respect and independence. Thinking back to the time when I was employed at washing systems, I was the happiest I’ve ever been. I was respected, what I said mattered, and it showed because I feel I’ve done some of my best work while employed there. And independence being a big factor. Thinking off al the times I was unhappy on my former marriage and a lot of it was due to not having the independence to explore or feel new things.