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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
The best person to start building a healthier relationship with is yourself. Take a listen to this track to engage in some self-exploration and build confidence in your relationship decisions.
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8 reflections
I have never felt respected in my life for who I am. I value honesty, integrity, kept promises, loyalty, love.
Getting To Know Myself..
I learned that, I have an absolute neeed for others to validate my progress, who I am as a person, and especially what I do to make sure they stay in my life! No matter the circumstances; helpful or drowning my self worth! I strive on others to like me, and that has to change for my own personal growth to start!
Core values
I learned that some major core values for me are respect and independence. Thinking back to the time when I was employed at washing systems, I was the happiest I’ve ever been. I was respected, what I said mattered, and it showed because I feel I’ve done some of my best work while employed there. And independence being a big factor. Thinking off al the times I was unhappy on my former marriage and a lot of it was due to not having the independence to explore or feel new things.
Core values
-marriage -family values -conservative values Being on my own Felt loved and respected Kindness Helping others Have fun Yes If pissed off it conflicts with core value My colleagues lack of effort or acknowledgment I value Monagamy Supportive man Someone all in Have a clear understanding of values and live from them live more satisfying lives
Being my Authentic self
Because of the domineering parenting I have experienced and codependent/love addict behaviors for affirmation of worth…I have no idea who I am, or what I enjoy.
Core beliefs
I learned that my core beliefs and values do have an impact on my decisions to socialize with others.
I noticed that at the beginning I did not listen enough to some bells that were ringing. But then again it's a balance, and sometimes you feel as if what feels good weighs more. It's difficult.
Well, I'll put the title here. Always listen to yourself first when starting to romance.
Was haben andere mich gelehrt?
Hart arbeiten ist gut und wichtig. Alternativlos. Das Leben passiert in extremen. “Da kann man nichts machen”. Menschen werden dich fallen lassen. Ich möchte entspannter Leben. Ich mag arbeiten. Ich mag Menschen. Aber in Balance. Ich möchte meine Arbeit als Spiel verstehen und trotzdem Freizeit haben. In den Urlaub fahren. Dies scheint mir noch der verraten von einigen Idealen zu sein.