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Get Out of Bed with Energy

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Jordana Reim
Experience life with a bit more ahh, so
You can start this meditation as soon as you wake up! Get out of bed and turn up the possibility for positivity, happiness and good energy with this breathing and meditation practice.
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Breath of fire 🔥
The breath of fire is a breathing technique through your nose that helps release any toxins. It is pretty intense. I did have to return to normal breathing a couple of times before returning to this technique. I could feel my body starting to wake up and become energized. Feeling this new fresh life energy I thought of a word of how I want my day to go today....smoothly. Focusing on this word, I felt myself become calm and centered. I am now ready to start my day! Thank you Jordana for creating this excellent meditation to start the day with.
Self-Care in Motion
How we begin our day has been proven to make or break our day. Thus, if we want to do everything in our power to have the best day of our life, we must adopt a morning routine that primes and energizes our mind and body. In this awesome meditation, Jordana teaches us one such morning routine that will absolutely kickstart our day into motion. While still in bed, I stretched and tapped various areas to awaken my body. After setting my intentions for my day and my morning walk, I went into my backyard and pressed play. Greeted by Jordana’s upbeat voice, I took in a few deep breaths into my belly. Becoming centered in the here and now, I followed Jordana’s lead and began performing a breath technique called the Breath of Fire. Using my abdominal muscles to guide my breath, I put emphasis on my exhale. While doing this quick and forceful breath technique, I sensed my body becoming more and more awakened as my mind melted away any thoughts. After a minute or so, my cells were filled with so much oxygen that I was able to hold my breath for awhile. Filled with the spaciousness of awareness, all time ceased to exist as I felt my cells bouncing off of one another. Wow...What a high! Going back to my normal breath, I felt my heartbeat begin to slow back down to it’s normal rhythm. With my mind now filled with clarity, I chose a word that depicts how I want my day to go. Because people are coming out to fix our landline and my mom’s German Shepard doesn’t fare well with strangers, I chose the word calmly. Breathing in that word, I strengthened my ability to remember how I want my day to go. Feeling so thankful for learning this awesome self-care in motion, I opened my eyes and smiled to this beautiful new day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ P.S. Thank you my dear friend, Julie for your wonderful reflection led me to listening and learning this amazing breath technique, Breath of Fire! 🙏🏻🌺❤️🌻☮️
Happy and physically tired
I appreciate waking up like this. I feel it is useful and pleasant.
Focused Breathing
Release toxin with breath of fire. Hold breath and be mindful. Focus and breath deeply relaxing as I choose a word for my day.
Walter J
What a great session. I awoke in bed and chose to press play on this meditation. (I had saved it after reading reflections from both my Aura friends Julie & Cherish.) Jordana had me wake up, stretch and then roll out of bed into a seated position. She explained the idea of fire breathing and gave an example. We went into a minute of it to release all my built up toxins from the night and pump my body & brain full of oxygen. At the end of the minute of fire breathing, we held our breath and felt this blissful state of just ‘being’... even allowed my mind with any thoughts to just melt & drip down into my being... the word “complete” popped into my mind as I finally exhaled and took a big cleansing breath. This is the day to complete many unfinished things & projects as I feel complete myself. Thanks Ladies for a wonder-full wake up session! Hope we do it again soon!! 🐲🫁🍀
I felt more awake then when I first woke up. Enjoyed the initial stretches which got my blood flowing after feeling so drowsy and half asleep.
I am fire!
Love the fire breathing! Complete this meditation following my morning yoga routine as I just couldn’t wake up and get out of my head space. Feeling negative “I’m so tired how am I gonna get through today” kinda thoughts. Fire breath is amazing! I loved it! But also this meditation has significantly improved my mindset and awakeness (if that’s a word!)
Good morning to mee🙌🏼
This lesson was awesome, the fire breath👏🏼 This made my morning, thank you
Morning Energy
I felt that tummy breathing really did help me with with energy.
Siu Yen
Getting out of bed energised
Using the breath of fire technique definitely woke me up and allowed me to focus and ready to start my day.
My first meditation
I actually can find peace in meditation. I am in Control of how my morning starts, which leads to how my day will be conducted
I can meditate to find peace. My morning mood is conducive to how I conduct my entire day. To find peace first thing is now a top priority before getting out of bed if I want to have a consistently positive day
Thank you
I’ve been pulled towards your meditations and each one I leave feeling so refreshed and centred! Your energy behind your meditation is very beautiful. Thank you
I felt calm and melted and able to let go of my thoughts.
AM Trouble w/social media/email/staying in bed this is for you!
If you have trouble staying away from your phone in the AM this is for you! Great way to get out of bed! I loved how it took me from waking up to getting movement in my body and get my day started. I’d love more of these type of morning meditation where it starts from you waking up… it sets the intention that when I wake up I’m going to turn this on and not do anything else… that I can do those things after self Carr in the morning- having this stated in the beginning of the meditation is SO POWERFUL for me and so needed because emails, social media , etc. should not be the first thing I do in the AM. With this approach it’s like I am programming my reach for the phone to start this meditation and not reaching for social media/mails/stock check, etc. I have another option to grab my phone. Love it! Also if you can catch sun and do this in sunlight ooh! Winning combo!
Maybe one day
Why is it so easy to do the things I want and have been telling myself to do when listening to a guide direct compared to listening to myself and just doing it? Maybe one day I can be my own personal guide, filled with trust in each other and response to that trust.
Kick ass mornings!!!
I learned a lot and still w. The breath hold and the intentional word. I loved the butter melting thoughts. Will listen often and see the other aspects when ready to fully receive but I gor a lot of value from it and feel more empowered. I don’t like my job Nd taking steps to intentionally create my daily activities that sustain me financially
Awesome technique
A new breathing technique for me, which created a moving outcome. Enjoyed the talk through also!
Morning start
This is too long at beginning, but probably helpful when I first get out of bed. Start around 5 mins to avoid explanations of what to do.
Wake Up Intention
It's 12 minutes of waking up and directing the energy gained from sleep to more productive places. You do the work and you will be rewarded. I was surprised how quickly the time passed.
Refreshed and ready for the day
I learned that I should allow myself the time to become fully awake, not just in mind, but in body and spirit.
Breath of Fire
Wow! What an incredible feeling after breath of fire and holding the breath. At first it was almost as if I was light headed and unsteady but then when relaxing into it I was able to hold for quite some time. I now feel focused and energized.
I felt a sense of calmness and stability in myself After the breath of fire.
First day
I learned how to meditate a bit differently than my normal meditation practice and I feel awesome
Day 2
Taking a minute bf my day starts is nice way to set the tone of what I want the day to be.
Morning meditation #1
I often notice thoughts would come into my mind, and I would be upset that I am not able to clear my mind completely. This meditation helped me to realize those thoughts are normal and instead of getting frustrated I could let them melt like butter, and that it’s okay to remind myself that I could revisit the thoughts later.
Healing energy
I really enjoyed this. The fire breathing technique was new to me. To clear toxins from your body. I'm relaxed, yet energized for the day. My mind is clear. My body feels great after this session. The word I chose at the end for the intention of my day was smooth. Saying that word to myself as I was guided along was perfect. I will have a day that runs smoothly. ❤️
Taking a few minutes actually helped me know what I wanted from the day. I began it with loving intentions. I want to do this as often as I can
Purpose filled
I need a definite guided practice in the morning. The breath exercise and the time out are valuable
This was the best way to get up & out of bed
I am going to start my day off like this every day. Stop pressing snooze for 30 minutes. Thank you.
Unfocused. Restless.
My dog calms me. I have a hard time being still. I am impatient thinking about all the work I need to do.
June 7
Yesterday I remembered that when you are going through hard thoughts and feel like quitting the work you have come so far on it’s a sign that changes are coming. It was a rough few days of lessons but I am feeling good today and ready to push to the next level. It’s time to get my finances in order and get my business plan game face on. Follow up with Tracey and follow up with Jennifer are my plans today.