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General Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cassandra Carlopio
Inner World Work
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a great framework for understanding the role our thoughts and beliefs have on how we feel, how we behave and how we interact with life around us. This track is an introduction to this framework with examples.
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4 reflections
I learned that my thoughts or gnats change my mood later in the day. Ex if I’m running late my thoughts are usually why didn’t you start getting ready earlier, you’re stupid you knew you had to leave at __ time. These make me mad and impatient. Then when I have to help Juliya I’m impatient with her and yell at her over the smallest things. I need to recognize these gnats for what they are and not allow them to change my mood.
Walter J
CBT...finally, the next big thing... What you think about you bring about! Been sayin that for years, doing it for decades. B careful what you think about!!! ❤️🧠🍀
I learned to change my thoughts on certain reactions to situations. Ha I g a positive thought regarding a negative situation will change my outlook on it.
I should focus my emotions on positive thoughts and not go immediately to the negative thoughts When things go wrong.