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Gayatri Mantra - Dedication to the Sun

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Gayatri Mantra - Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha or chanting to the divine light within and the strength & beauty of the sun, may this divine light illuminate us. I hope you enjoy listening to this chant, it can be a lovely way to start the day and to open to the benefits of meditation and strengthen your breathing. May you feel nourished by the sound and vibrations in your body today. Thank you for your practice and being present with this ancient chant to awaken the senses and the heart. Best wishes Lisa
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Lisa Pollard
Gayatri Mantra
Dedicated to the sun and the divine light within. I like to chant this mantra at sunrise and sunset as a way of celebrating nature and the light that shines within us all when we connect to sound and vibration. May this practice support the opening of your good heart Best wishes Lisa
Sun chant
This kept my attention listening to the words of the chant. I would like to know what the translation is in English though, to have a greater appreciation.
Chants can focus the mind in the mornings. Would like to know the translation/step by step of how to say it.
Dedicated to the sun
If you chant and sing this “song” you can open up your heart.
Go with the flow,
Even if I don’t feel like waking, talking or getting up just go with it cause there’s a reason for everything I just don’t know it yet
Chanting to the divine light within
I like the idea that this is a chant to the divine light within and to the beauty and strength of the sign. This chant is very self affirming.
Chant to the sun
After doing my morning chance I feel alert and energized. The chance make me feel much more balanced and positive.
My world is very secular, there is almost no space for the Divine. By taking a few moments to chant in the morning, to give thanks to the Masters and Rishis for maintaining this knowledge I open my heart to the divine. It’s a great way to begin and end my day.
Opening my heart 💜
I was reminded that chanting helps to open your heart. I don’t know the words but some of them are becoming familiar but these chance help ease the stress that builds up during my day.
Gratitude for the sun
I haven’t seen the Sun in almost 2 weeks because of the raging wildfires in Northern California. I will be so happy and grateful when we once again have blue skies and sunshine. It feels good to express gratitude for the sun each morning, after all it powers all life on earth.
Gratitude for the Sun
Very soothing and I felt a connection with the powerful energy from the sun. Looking forward to a warm sunny day when I can replay this outside before meditation.