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From Uncertainty to Intention

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Jordana Reim
Author & Meditation Guide
A meditation for if you've been feeling stuck. Release patterns of worry, doubt and fear and step into skillful action through setting your own intention. 
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3 reflections
Calm Anxiety
I learned that focusing on three words for me happiness, love, and confidence can help calm anxiety.
Marques Pizarro
Being a King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover
I’ve read a book recently, essentially about becoming a “man,” someone who can lead others (King), who can take decisive actions (Warrior), who can use his knowledge and self-awareness for good intentions (Magician), and who can find joy in nature, other people, and moments (Lover). This is my intention, to be these four.
Motivation & Discipline
Motivation and discipline were my focus. I started feeling I needed more discipline in my life and as the thought evolved I realized finding motivations were key to creating discipline. This seemed true to me in relationships, food, exercise, spiritual and most aspects of living.