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Flow State Meditation

21 Min
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Brandon Epstein
In this meditation, you will learn to be guided into a flow state that is optimal for both feeling and performing your best. This is a non-exclusive meditation. All rights reserved by The BE Mindset LLC.
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In The Flow
Just like going with the flow, flow state requires us to get out of our own way, to allow our unconscious to run the show so we can just be and enjoy the experience. In this visualization meditation, Brandon has us think of a time in which we felt in the flow. Sensing this wonderful time, we find ourselves in the flow now. Bringing my awareness to my breath, I felt the cool air as it entered my nostrils on the inhale and the warmer air as it brushed my parted lips on the exhale. Finding my body and mind getting more relaxed, I thought of a time when I was in the flow. It was a time when I was editing my pictures on the computer. Usually editing is one of my least favorite things to do, but this time, everything was going smoothly. Thinking of why it may have been going so smoothly, I realized that I had gotten out of my own way. I had stopped overthinking which allowed for my unconscious to shine through. Knowing this wisdom, I now know how to get back into flow anytime I want. Visualizing a rectangular board in front of me filled with squares of many bright colors, I took a yellow square out of the rectangle and placed it in my hands. Beginning to do some bellows breathing, this yellow square became bigger. Soon the square got so big that I found myself inside it. Inside, everything seemed to slow down to a halt. Checking in with my body, I noticed my heartbeat had slowed, even my body had stopped breathing for a short time. Surrendering to these moments, time ceased to exist. Feeling focused, calm and excited, I know I am in the flow and ready to take on any projects for the day ahead! Thank you, Brandon! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I loved this experience flow session and Visualization of energy wave passing through me to live in the present session state! I will revisit this often