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Five Minutes to Quiet Mind

11 Min
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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
A profound yet simple practice of taking the time for quiet. No matter what happens in the quiet, let this time be fully yours. Forgive yourself and let the minutes add up in your self-care bank account.
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5 minutes
Your worries will be there after the 5 minutes. This helped me to feel free of them just for a short time. In that time i could feel good again, even if i knew it was only for 5 minutes...
I am worth 5 mins for me. I know the good within me. .I am so graceful for so much.
I have worked all my life since 14 yrs old. I am worth at the very least 5 mins for me. A quiet time for me. I am not my thoughts.
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