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Find What Feels Good

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
This is a practice about observing and finding what feels good. We talk too often about pain, life’s struggles, the moments we have to fight through. Why not show a little love towards the things we can appreciate in this life.
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Feeling the Good
When things go haywire in our life, it is easy for us to see, feel and then proceed to talk about what is wrong in our life. As we dwell in these wrongs, our mood is negatively impacted. However, giving ourselves permission to find what makes us feel good even amongst the wrongs, we quickly find our mood uplifted. In this uplifting meditation, we are asked two simple, but very profound questions. Crawling myself into this moment, I asked myself what brought me ease. Quickly, I found myself focused on my breath. I thought of the calm I feel in stillness. Thinking about this, I felt my entire body relax. Letting those thoughts go, I asked myself what brought me joy. Quickly, I found myself focused on my heart. I thought of the abundance I do have. Thinking about this, I felt my inner light shine bright. After asking myself these two questions and feeling into my body, I realized my mood had been uplifted. Reminded that I choose the feelings I want to generate, I will go about my day feeling the good. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Find what feels good
Focus on what feels good instead of the bad. The affirmations at the end of this are wonderful. Thank you
Feeling Good
Yes! Finding what feels good. So simple, but so effective. I struggled last night in bed, using many tools I've learned that usually work, to find that calm that brings me to a place of rest. It took quite a while. So, after listening to this, I'm going to bring myself back to this simple practice of finding what makes me feel good. The cool air on my body, settling in to my soft, cozy bed, and drifting off to sleep. 😴
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