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Feeling Tone

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Feeling Tone is a short guided meditation to learn to pay attention to the feeling tone in the body. Feeling tone is the second foundation of mindfulness and this is where we register if something feels pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. This practice helps us to know what is unfolding in the body, heart & mind and informs us of what is here to be known, moment by moment. We learn to relate to our experience or understand the hedonic tone, being with different feeling tomes without judgment. We can become more resilient as we learn to stay even if our habitual habit is to want to push away or pull towards these various states in the body. Thank you for your practice today and I hope it can support you to be with what is.
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Lisa Pollard
Create a Bigger Container
Exploring the feeling time in the body is the second foundation of mindfulness. See if you can check in to see if your body feels pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Learning to pause with discomfort or creating a bigger container expanding out to hearing and seeing. I hope you enjoy this guided mindfulness practice, exploring the body heart and mind. Best wishes Lisa
Still super depressed
This session didn’t really do anything to calm the anxiety I feel riddled with this evening. I had a stressful day, with just one bright spot of happiness. Had my second appointment with my new therapist today, and he had consulted with my previous therapist who now shares an office with him, and they’re willing to swap me back to seeing her in the new place! Managed to get approval from the referral group I have to deal with just awaiting approval from insurance now so I can go back to counseling with my friend! Should be a no-brainer from my understanding of the systems in place! So yay for me!