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Feeling Stuck?

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Feeling stuck? You are not alone. This short track discusses ways in which you can start increasing your awareness and take intentional steps forward.
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7 reflections
The Situation I’m in , in my life & the choices I’ve made along the way that have helped to bring me here
I’m not in the future life I saw for myself, that’s for sure! Ken has done things. Olivia has done things. But my reactions to those have also brought me here too. I’m not totally out of the equation and I OFTEN forget that part.
The word is daunting not taunting.
The word is daunting not taunting. Good grief. There is nothing more to say.
An interesting short session on goal setting with realistic expectations.
Particularly useful as it fitted with Headspace in not forgetting the present when thinking about the future.
jess 🧡
i’m going through a really tough break up at the moment and this just reminded me that yes i can’t control what happened, but i can alter my perception and react to it much differently. wishing all the people going through a tough time at the moment peace in the future ❤️
Feeling stuck
I learned that even though I can’t control things that happen I can control my reactions to what happens while being realistic and having attainable expectations.
I felt stuck and at a standstill
Because I was putting all of the blame on external circumstances rather than taking note of my own reactions and responsibilities. I could create a life that matches the life I want to live in my head to reality. It'll be uncomfortable getting real with myself first but it's the first step that needs to be taken.
Unrealistic Goals
I don’t know if my dream to pursue PhD is an unrealistic goal or not. Sometimes I feel that I’m not capable, but other times I feel I can do it if I keep pushing myself to the limit.
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