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Everyone Is Enlightened Meditation

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Michael Mackintosh
Meditation & Life Coaching Expert
The way we see other people affects how we FEEL. When we see others as enlightened (even if they are not) we feel much better and experience a shift in our feelings. This also helps others feel better too. This is a deep mediation that can be practiced often.
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Based upon our own unique experiences and beliefs, we ‘see’ what is happening around us through a series of filters. Just as with a photograph, these filters edit or rather distort what we ‘see’. Because these assumptions can and will get in the way of our ability to truly see what is happening around us, Michael has us pretend that everyone is enlightened, including ourselves in this experimental meditation. Standing in the backyard, I welcomed the warmth of the morning sun on my face. Open to Being, I felt an immense love, peace and joy soak through the crown of my head and flood my entire body. As my higher self, the filters are torn off the lens on my eyes, which gives me the amazing ability to ‘see’ what is actually occurring within and around me. As my higher self, the inner knowing in my heart leads the way, which gives me the amazing ability to make choices which will benefit us all. As my higher self, I am reminded of something I like to do when I am out and about, which is looking into the eyes of others and silently repeating the word, Namaste. For those that do not know, Namaste means, ‘the spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you.’ A great way to ‘see’ others as they are, this beautiful exercise reminds me that beyond everything else, we are awareness all wanting to be heard and seen. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ P.S. I’d love to listen to a longer version of this meditation!
When you meditate on a daily basis like me you will notice changes in your mood, body, and the way you think. I see everything with a new perspective