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Energetic Wake Up

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Jordana Reim
Experience life with a bit more ahh, so
An energizing morning practice of active meditation featuring three different breathing practices for balance, energy, and gratitude, followed by time for stillness in passive meditation. Feel the effects of these breaths to start the day with clarity, focus, and well-being.
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Energetic Wake Up
I’m finding this meditation harder to do than some others, mainly because a lot of the breathing is done through the nose and I have a cold. I’m not giving up, even though I find the breath holding a bit odd since I remember being firmly told that this wasn’t a good idea when trying to fall asleep. I do find it calming, though, and have favorited the track.
Marques Pizarro
I learned that by controlling my breath and relaxing my body can wake me up. I feel energized. The exhalation exercise was my personal favorite because I felt my body expand and relax .
Residual Feeling is Wonderful
I have listened to Jordana’s other morning wake up session and like it to get up and going. The additional breath work in this session is so powerful that once the session is ended I find myself in a deep peaceful state that is soothing to linger in and when I finally decide to let go I feel ready to tackle the day.
I breath shallowly. Feel better with breathing more deeply. Feel more alive.
I woke up feeling so tired and exhausted. But after these breathing exercises I feel a lot more alert now!