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Don't Go to the Market Hungry

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This talk is for those who are single or dating who are wanting a "nourishing" relationship.
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Great observation!
Not going to the market hungry has been a running joke between my wife and I for 20 years! And we’ve had friends so desperate for a loving, perfect relationship like ours that they tried to follow our lead, but managed to totally miss the mark! We met playing a game based on a mutual interest on the then fledgling internet twenty years ago! We DID NOT meet “trying to find someone” through an online dating site or anything like that. Totally analogous to meeting someone in person through church, or school, or some other shared interest, we met goofing around on a web site together! True love will find you when you’re NOT looking for it; just when you least expect it!
By far my favorite so far
I absolutely love this I really needed to be reminded of this today, it made me feel a lot better 😁💜
I have to manage feelings associated with problems focusing, anger, anxiety., positive outlets.
Using tools given and available to you, help address everyday struggles.
Balance myself
I am in a relationship that has been a little over a year now. When we first started to get to know each other, I wasn’t looking for anyone. I was satisfied with who I was and my goal was just to continue to better myself and my life. Then he came along and flipped it upside down. I now feel as if I have a fallen off my tracks and let the evil in my head take over everything. I want to save this relationship for many reasons. Despite how nasty the arguments can get. I am trying to better myself for the both of us. We share a magic that is undeniably true. Thank you for this.
I need to listen to this everyday from now on. Favorite Favorite Favorite
This is the best so far ! More people need to listen to this and not just settle
I felt very enlightened, and identified with the speaker
I learned that being emotionally starving or craving can cause it's to make decisions based on instant gratification, wonderful message.
Don't Go To The Market Hungry
Thank you for the reminder not to make decisions when my mind is in a bad place. I need to be rested and centered and happy before I start.
This really resonated 😊. Time to put into practice. Thank you.
Really enjoying her life coaching. Made me take a step back and confirm whether I am hungry or unfulfilled but the fact that I was at least asking he question told me my concern for the relationship and where my heart is; I’m not merely jonesing for humus and French bread but taking it home to share with a good wine. a beautiful woman and hopefully a wonderful sunset ;)
That was a cute and spot on lesson. I'm filling myself up and will be for some time. I'm not looking for a quick fix with some sugary nonsense lol.