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Discomfort as a Messenger

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Most people do their best to avoid discomfort and this creates more challenges down the line. This session invites the listener to shift perspective on discomfort, using the Rumi poem The Guest House, to find the wisdom in discomfort.
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11 reflections
We, as humans, have a tendency to stop discomfort. Maybe it’s more of a way to genuine comfort. That’s just my humble opinion- genuine comfort is still foreign to me. However, I am listening and trying to trust. I think its a process that takes knowledge, awareness, honesty and a lifetime of learning. That’s a hard fix!
Discomfort as a messenger
This was a different way at looking at how negative emotions, feelings or pain are really messengers. They are simple ways of communicating with us. Instead of ignoring them we need to acknowledge them and look for deeper meaning.
Open minded
We talk so much about being open minded and I always thought I was, when it comes to myself though i close doors before I even really know whats behind it bc it may be painful or stressful and im losing out on an opportunity to learn and grow. Im gonna try harder to open the door with love, compassion and enthusiasm for myself.
Stop and listen
Just gotta listen to your body, it knows what’s best for you. Same with feelings, really truly trust your gut. You may not understand why it’s telling you something but the fact that it’s telling you means something isn’t right or isn’t what you need.
Her voice really made this for me and the info was awesome with shifting mindsets
Her voice really made this for me and the info was awesome with shifting mindsets
I didn’t think that even the things that bug me can be a messenger normally I’d just hate it so much
I learned Not to bottle it up but to face it in a better manner may have trouble with that but I know this will always come to my head and I can tell my self “be a better you Gina, for you “
I learned that instead of pushing something away that you should invite it and hear what it has to say before you slam the door in its face.
I learned that emotions and discomfort are a way of our bodies trying to tell us something
I learned that headaches is an indication something is not right
Learn the message
Discomfort is linked to your subconscious telling you your preparation is not done yet. ...
Inviting pain in😰figure it out 🤔
It’s true that I should listen to both my body and mind when I have physical or psychological pain. The pain is a indicator that something is wrong with the mind or body. If I only opt for the quick fix I’ll never get to the root of the problem or issue. I know this, so I should invite it in for a while and spend some time with it. The quick fix is temporary, but it sure feels like the way to go when I’m in any kind of serious pain. Sure, it’s okay, I have to do whatever I have to do sometimes, in order to get to a point that I can actually figure it out. And eventually I do. 💙🙏🌻