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Develop a Deep Inner Calm

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Glenn Harrold
Develop a deep inner calm and experience a state of complete relaxation with this guided hypnosis by Glenn Harrold. This meditation will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night-time use.
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Deep inner calm
Very nice hypnotherapy meditation. Truly felt a deep inner calm. Traveling to your safe place always leaves me feeling calm and peaceful. Nice to do at bedtime.
Day two
Day two of my 21 day journey of Glenn's meditations. This one was much needed today. I picked it at random, but it helped me relax but also reawaken my creative desires. I see myself doing this one again in the future. I am looking forward to day 3.
Glenn’s soothing voice guides you into a deeply relaxed state by using a circular breathing technique. Breathing in deeply and holding for a count of 3, I am breathing in new energy into my body. Exhaling to the count of 5, getting rid of any old energy that no longer serves me. As I continue to focus on my breathing as well as Glenn’s voice, I can feel any tension leaving my body and my body sinking into my couch like I just had a massage. Then I visualize a bright white light that is surrounding my body. This light is protecting me from any negative energy and transports me to a place that I feel safe, secure, and relaxed. As I am floating in the sky, I am going back in time to one of the places I was at on my vacation last week. I am sitting on a rock at the Toccoa River. As I inhale deeply, I can smell the fresh air, scent of the river, and pine trees. I am deeply relaxed and smiling. That is one of the beautiful things about being in a trance state is you can go where you want. A couple of affirmations that have been my go to lately are...I feel a deep sense of inner calm. I feel at peace with myself and the world around me. Anytime I am starting to feel stressed or my mind is getting in that negative loop, I recite these over and over a few times which does help bring me back to the present moment. I have listened to this session a few times now which my goal is that it will help me build up my resilience for when the next wave of stress hits me. I will be able to rise above it. It will no longer be able to consume me.
Inner Strength
Having the ability to be resilient and remain calm during times of stress or during times of uncertainty as we are in right now, is a very useful and important tool to acquire, as resiliency gives us power, inner strength and wisdom. In this amazing meditation, Glenn guides us into a hypnotic trance where we can experience inner calmness and peace. From experiencing inner calmness and peace, we can draw from our strength, even our equanimity to help guide us through. After getting completely relaxed by imagining myself at my safe place in my mind, I envisioned a white light surrounding my body. Before long, this white light engulfed my body and I was floating above my community in this bubble. Looking down at all of the townsfolk below, I sensed compassion and mentally offered healing thoughts to each of them. Listening to Glenn’s voice as well as focusing on my breathing, I allowed myself to go and feel even further within. I began to experience interesting sensations in my heart center, almost as if a door was being opened. I was becoming excited and I noticed the corners of my mouth begin to curl in the shape of a smile. As this door to my Being, my higher consciousness, opened, I began saying positive affirmations to myself. Saying these positive affirmations, I could sense a surge of life force energy begin to flow within and throughout my body. In that moment, I felt incredibly calm and peaceful and I sensed this powerful inner strength growing within me. I know that this white light is in fact, a part of my Being. In that way, I know I can get inside of it anytime I feel the need to connect with my inner calmness and draw from my inner strength or even shield myself from negativity. Thank you Glenn for an incredible experience and for dropping invaluable affirmations into my unconscious, which will help guide me to my ideal self. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Inner calm
Being calm is not about removing stress but acknowledging it and still being able to see the beauty that surrounds.. and choosing to be optimistic about the future.
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