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Deep Sleep- (Wind Down Story)

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Tom Ward
Mindfulness & Sleep Stories
Welcome to this evenings Sleep Time Story. Tonight you are on board the Deep Sleep, a space ship that specialises in sleep. You are joined by, Tom the Sleep Tech who settles you into your sleeping pod. This story features a body scan exercise to help settle your mind and body ready for sleep.
From the community
3 reflections
Going through the “steps”
Hearing each “step” to relax each part of the mind and body provided me a gentler path to sleep. Much more relaxing and his voice was very soothing.
Could not fall asleep took Benadryl and promethium
I felt calm I noticed I was not tired I liked soothing voice and relaxation
I absolutely loved this relaxation method. The steps to walk you thru relaxation really helped.
I learned that I am able to calm my body and relieve stress and anxiety. I feel great. Thank you❤️❤️