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Deep Sleep- (Wind Down Story)

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Tom Ward
Mindfulness & Sleep Stories
Welcome to this evenings Sleep Time Story. Tonight you are on board the Deep Sleep, a space ship that specialises in sleep. You are joined by, Tom the Sleep Tech who settles you into your sleeping pod. This story features a body scan exercise to help settle your mind and body ready for sleep.
From the community
4 reflections
Going through the “steps”
Hearing each “step” to relax each part of the mind and body provided me a gentler path to sleep. Much more relaxing and his voice was very soothing.
Could not fall asleep took Benadryl and promethium
I felt calm I noticed I was not tired I liked soothing voice and relaxation
I absolutely loved this relaxation method. The steps to walk you thru relaxation really helped.
I learned that I am able to calm my body and relieve stress and anxiety. I feel great. Thank you❤️❤️
Wtf the app is glitching not playing the full stories grrr
Nothing learnt ffs I’m annoyed, are you ducking kidding me. If you pay for an app you expect it to work