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Decrease Anxiety & Increase Inner Peace

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Andrea Wachter, LMFT
Psychotherapist, Author, & Teacher
This guided meditation will help you quiet your mind, calm your body, and soothe your nervous system. Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious, or panic, join Andrea for this multi-faceted journey and experience more peace in your day.
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11 reflections
Stress and anxiety
Very calming, stress calming a very good method for calming stress!
Anxiety release
I️ found it helpful to replace the feelings of anxiety with the feeling of love
Reducing tension and stress
I really was able to let go of my stress. That letting go left me able to relax and just go within. I felt centered and my headache was reduced.
Anxious love
I learned that when thinking about feeling filled with love I was also filled with anxiety. The bigger the love the more the anxiety. Given my childhood trauma history this makes sense. However I realized that these two emotional states are very intertwined and I want to unpack that in therapy. All of my love is anxious. And a lot of my anxiety is due to things I love. I experience anxious love. They are inseparable.
Separating Anxiety from the self
During this meditation, I noticed that my body began to tense at the calling on the feeling of love. This I’d like to explore. I did also notice that during the “breathing in to certain sensations” exercise, I actually felt a small bit of release—like with every exhale, the sensation slowly blew away with the wind. Anxiety has so many facets, and what works for one facet of anxiety, may not always work for another. The multiple tools did help me to begin to explore different ways to calm myself the moment I feel anxiety within me. One of the most invaluable, was separation. I’m trying to get into a habit of saying things like “there is anxiety within me,” instead of “I am anxious.” The difference in wording creates space, even if just a small one, in my head. I, Lenny, am not anxiety. But I have anxiety within me. And I’m going to begin to explore that.
Still overflowing with anxiety and stress right now. Wish it would just melt away. Facing a long weekend, hoping something good will occur, but not at all certain it will. Probably need to just head to bed early this RIGHT NOW.
I learned that being safe is recognizing what’s real and anxiety is driven been perception.
Very calming
I wasn’t having anxiety during this meditation but I did it anyways because I’ve been meditating since I started to have even if I don’t actually have at that moment. I found your voice very soothing, almost fell asleep because I felt very relaxed. During this time some thoughts came to my mind but as you said I just focused on my breathing again and again. I used to be afraid of my thoughts because they were the reason of my anxiety but practicing meditation taught me to control my thoughts and decide which of my thoughts are helpful and not helpful. The mind is a very interesting part of our body, is crazy how we can get lost on our own body and mind sometimes.
Dry mouth
I’m sorry 😐 Does anyone else hear it? I’m sorry 🤐
I felt a full calm through out my body that I had not felt in a very long time
Jamie 💜
Inner peace
Very soothing voice. I was really able to sink into this meditation and really connect with the sensations in my body. Great meditation 🧘
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