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Dealing with Difficult Emotions

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Most of us are challenged by difficult emotions; either pushing them down or acting out of them. This talk gives a way of working with difficult emotions that comes from observing how cows and buffalo approach storms.
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Difficult emotions
I need to recognize a difficult emotion and move toward it and work through it instead of lashing out or avoiding. Got to be a Buffalo!
Walter J
Norman Vincent Peale’s version of this story is one of my favorites. It may be counter-intuitive to face problems head on, but it is an excellent idea to do so. Airplanes takeoff into the wind to use it to their advantage. I believe when we overcome a “problem” we somehow gain the Energy that was wrapped up & hidden in it. This helps me have the courage to face and work thru the problem now instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away. It may temporarily, but it will be back & it will have gained momentum & size and will be more difficult to overcome and may actually take more energy to solve than it gives us. Emotions are somewhat similar. They want to be recognized so we should face them & acknowledge them. Many times they just want to be heard, felt & experienced. And there is a lesson in them as our reward. Other times they are a warning and maybe we need to listen to them & adjust course. Wisdom is knowing the difference.
Dealing with anger
Do not avoid, and do not lash out. Communicate, and if the other person is not willing to do so, you can acknowledge and be proud you acted in a mature manner and move on from the negativity.
I learned that I can determine how my day goes and how others affect me! I am definitely going to try this throughout my day and see how this helps. I am confident it will make a difference and very excited to try it out.
Emotions can be difficult. And very disconcerting at times. But they are so Important. When we feel something it drives us to do something. But sometimes if we act with too much emotion it can ruin things. I love this racing your emotionshead on.
It is salient to acknowledge what true knowledge means, don’t merely consume until one’s cup is full. Go out there and flush it all the way and see if there is a possibility of acquiring it again
Face them demons
Instead of turning away from what you feel or what you’re going through, its easier when you just face it. It’s the fastest way to resolve it.
Face it
dealing with difficult emotions, dont run , avoid, face it through and come out of it onvthe other side
Turn towards the emotion
Face your fears, go into a situation that makes you uncomfortable - meet it head on and you may be able to influence the outcome more than you realize.
Dealing with difficult emotions
What a wonderful insightful example of dealing with adversity.
I noticed
I have in life been pretty good at dealing with emotions. During my teenage year I was definitely reactive instead of responsive and as of late with my declined mental state this past year I have found myself agin in that state of reactive not responding. I’m finding my way again.
Difficult emotions
I found this particular session to be extremely helpful. Being the buffalo is probably easier said than done. Isn't that what makes dealing with difficult emotions hard? Being uncomfortable and hesitant? Hopefully I can try to be the buffalo more and more.
muito reconfortante
muito interessante tudo oque foi dito, realmente inspirador e me ajudou muito, senti como se fosse um clarão e me explicou a como lidar com a ansiedade e com momentos em que tenho medo e que estou com medo de ficar ansioso
Charging towards the Storm
We need to show our emotions and let them be released, so that we can move on from them afterwards
Letting go
When you listen you think it’s a story but really it’s telling you how to let go and come out on the other side. Now that I heard this meditation it has helped me feel better about myself. Thank you so much.
Taking on negative emotions.
A quick reminder through story how it’s better to move through the difficult emotion rather that running from it and pushing it away
Great analogy
Thanks for sharing! I would have thought the cow was more intelligent for walking away from the storm. Interesting to discover the buffalo exemplifies how to tackle difficult conversations head on. Thanks for sharing
I learned that tackling my a short comings, and fears, etc.. Head on and reminding myself,that the problems will only get worse if I act like they aren’t there because I feel I am not strong enough to tackle the issue instead of being afraid to do so, and acting as it is isn’t there, nothing positive can come of that! I know that I HAVE to tackle each downfall, scare, hard task, right away so that other life problems don’t build, and pile up to the point of it making me bed ridden depressed!
Cow or Buffalo
Facing your issues like the Buffalo will bring you through the issue quicker than turning away and ignoring or running away like the cow. Bee fearless!
Be the Buffalo
I learner that it's better to be like the Buffalo and turn towards the storms of my emotions rather than run away from them
I wish this training was a bit longer to guide us through the exercice because it looks very interesting
Mary Wetterstroem
Press into the storm to get through it faster…
What a great analogy to bring home this point. I hope I can recall this the next time I am encountering an emotional storm. Now to learn how to make it through such a storm in as wholesome and healthy way as possible.