Dancing Through Life
Movement is life. It is easy to see when one is wandering out in nature. Bees poetically dancing from one flower to the next. Trees extending their limbs towards the sunlight. Waves producing a lullaby as they gently crash against the shore. How might we begin to dance? It’s an interesting question. We begin to dance when we take a moment to listen to the music, listen to the sounds within the sounds. And above all, we begin to dance when we listen to that which makes no sound. Listening puts us into alignment with that which is already dancing. One crucial point to make is there is no point to dancing. In other words, we aren’t trying to get anywhere. It is in the enjoyment of simply be-ing. Here’s an idea. The next time we find ourselves becoming lost in thought, impatient, stuck in traffic or longing for things to be different, let’s take a moment and listen to the music. Let’s listen to the music of our breath and the beat of our heart. Let’s begin dancing through life! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️