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Confidence To Accomplish Your Goals

15 Min
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Teri Holland
Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP
Often what stops us from accomplishing our goals is our belief in ourselves. This recording is about building the self-confidence to accomplish your goals with self-discipline and enthusiasm.
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I feel so powerful after doing this meditation and it helped me realize i am making the right decision in my life and i have the confidence and the ability to do it.
In this amazing meditation, we drop into a restful state to receive words of truth. Settling into stillness, I closed my eyes. Following the narrator’s guidance, I felt this cozy blanket of relaxation cocoon my body. Feeling safe and secure, I began to hear words about confidence and goal setting. As I allowed these words to wash through my body, a spark of fire lit in my heart center. I am home confirming to myself everything that my higher self already knows. Embodying this amazing feeling, I am confirming my truth. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️