Love Glenn but making request:
Please use different background music. I listen so often that hearing those same tunes over and over sticks in my head, It isn’t bad music but it could be so much better with different sounds, isochronic tones and an option to have no background music. To me personally, music with pleasant isochronic tones, a guided meditation and a sleep ending are the best and most effective. I would like the option to repeat the meditations over and over while I’m asleep so my subconscious continues to listen and I start seeing results. I have my playlists but it switches meditations. Just want to be able to loop each meditation, especially since it’s hypnosis. Imagine the power of listening to Glenn all night while you sleep, night after night, for weeks and months——now that’s therapeutic and reprogramming my brain! There are others on here with different styles, voice tone, etc but Glenn hits home. Please tell the powers that be to read this message. I want to be able to loop and repeat any meditation on here as I sleep💥 Then, I will be using your app a lot more, seriously. -Al