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Glenn Harrold
This guided hypnotherapy session will help you destress and relax. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in solving anxiety problems and aiding relaxation and Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques and layered production will help you achieve these goals in a safe and natural way. You will also hear hypnotic echoed background affirmations panning from left to right, with subtle background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep relaxation effect. After being guided into a deeply relaxed and receptive state you will effortlessly absorb the many post hypnotic suggestions to help you cope with the pressures of modern day life with composure and with a new sense of inner calm. This meditation will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night-time use.
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I tried 😖
I listen to this meditation last night in hopes it would help me fall asleep. It was very relaxing and I did feel like I would eventually fall asleep after the meditation was over. But my neighbor was snoring and I had to stop and put earplugs in, they were very uncomfortable and by the time I was through dealing with them I was completely out of that relaxed start. I ended up taking the earplugs out and eventually fell asleep but that was sometime after 3 AM in the morning! Better luck next time ☹️
Starting to feel more calm
My first experience with hypnosis and it real feels like it is working. I started a new job and having a tough time adjusting to it and using this for the past two days seems to given me hope and feeling less stress I saved this one and ready to try the one to help rid my anxieties. So happy to find this channel. 😊
So helpful
This is one of my favorites and the more I listen to it the more it relaxes me and the quicker I fall into trance.
Opening my eyes after listening to this meditation, my body and mind feel relaxed. I loved hearing the positive affirmations and the soothing music. With practice, I hope to achieve a deeper level.
This meditation is quite powerful. I was so relaxed. Its definitely a favourite.
Relaxed 😌
Wow, another incredible relaxing experience! My body and mind felt like it was floating the whole time while listening to Glenn’s soothing voice and the music in the background. I enjoyed hearing a new set of affirmations. This will be another meditation I’m adding to my rotation.
Mental Massage
I have started looking forward to my afternoon meditation session which gives me a chance to recharge before hubby gets home. Glenn’s soothing voice along with a new set of affirmations brings me back to feeling grounded. It really does feel like a massage for your mind and body because I feel any tension just melting away. And, I wake up feeling refreshed.
After a surgery scare last night, this meditation helped me to finally unclench my body and just be. I’m not doing anything today that involves exercise because I’m just too tired. Hopefully, after listening to Glenn, I can get more of the restful sleep I need.
I’ve got this
I learned that I can manage the pressures of work projects without becoming overwhelmed.
I actually rested!
I finally found the perfect combination of help which gave me such a restful recharge to my day. It’s the most relaxed and refreshed I’ve felt in so long.
I learned to really let go, even my back muscles that are always tight with stress are loose. I am really in peaceful admiration and surprise right now.
Sleep relaxation
I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep! I would start this earlier before my target sleep time.
I was nothing. There were no thoughts that were crossing through my mind. I was allowing myself to be. Thoughts that would come would just go. I was at peace with just existing. I was calm at the deepest level.
First night using sleep hypnosis
I have a huge amount of trouble sleeping whether it be trying to sleep my dreams how out of whack my sleep schedule gets on it’s own and after watching baseball and going to bed I put on the first night of the hypnosis for sleep and I was able to sleep very easily but I did not wake up fully until about 4pm the next day. I kept waking up a little to adjust but was so tired I fell back asleep just so easily. I’m gonna see if night two will help because usually when my body does this with sleeping in I don’t sleep at night. So if the hypnosis can help me fall asleep at bedtime I’d say this works and was a successful chance I took on this app.
Wasn’t sure it would work
I didn’t think it would work. But I was completely relaxed and the million things running through my mind that keep me from sleep were gone. Wonderful!
Hobos is Uk
It was ok didn’t like the walks up affirmations at the end took a while to get back to sleep And really don’t like that o hve to recall the name to make a comment. Should jus t carey over
Like it!
Have done this hypnosis several times now and frankly don’t recall the end of it so it must work for me quite well.
Relaxation guided hypo therapy session that helps destress and relax. It is very effective.
First Hypnosis Session with Glenn
I feel very calm and relaxed. I am ready to re-enter the world.
Did fall asleep
I became very relaxed and fell asleep because I used this one to help me with sleep. I think it can be used to fall asleep as well as relax during the daytime and stay awake. The affirmations are beautiful and I awoke remembering some of them. I have many of Glenn’s hypnosis tapes saved and go back to them often. I am so grateful he has decided to be on Aura. His words and techniques have helped me sleep, relax and be a happier person. I highly recommend his recordings.
Can’t wait to try this tonight!
I tried this for 10 minutes to see if it might help me fall asleep tonight as I return to work after being sick. I am eager to relax with this track tonight.
1st hypno
I noticed that my mind would wander but I am hopeful and so I tried to use breath to bring me back into the moment
Fell asleep
I fell asleep before I reached the end. For a chronic insomniac that’s pretty amazing. Thank you x
This session was very useful and while I didn't fall into a deep sleep, it did calm my mind and body.
right to sleep
This was great. I fell right to sleep without even realizing I was sleeping. I only woke because I got really hot.
Still awake
I did sleep for maybe ten minutes. Will try listening to something from Audio Dharma instead. But I will try Day 2 tomorrow and see if following the program eventually makes a difference.
I felt relaxed. However it took me some time but i think I was gone into a light sleep for a few hours. Any sleep will help.
To practice my breathing exercises Not being able to sleep can be a nightmare and send your thoughts wild and I realised my thoughts were becoming negative. I need to wind down an hour before bed to learn to relax.
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