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Coming Home

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Coming home is a short guided mindfulness practice, an invitation to come home to the body, mind & heart. Learning to open your awareness to seeing in your visual field and hearing. Find a place where you could perhaps see in nature or out a window. This practice invites you to open and close the lenses of your awareness, noticing what you can see and hear, and then coming home to the body breathing. I hope your practice can support you to open and close the sense doors as you rest in the present moment. Best wishes, Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Coming home to the body, mind & heart.
I like to do this practice regularly as a way to tune into the state of my body, heart & mind. Often if I'm get lost in rumination or worries this practice helps me to settle and change my view. I can use my visual perception as a way of becoming more spacious and then I can relate to my inside world with fresh eyes. I hope you too can benefit from this guided mibdfulness practice. Enjoy your practice and have a wonderful day. Best wishes Lisa
Downward facing dogma
I'm a believer in God. It may seem like heresy to some, but my beliefs are eclectic. I don't study or follow any one religion. I've studied several and my beliefs are tethered to each. I say this to say there is and evil construct in my beliefs. It tries to keep me stagnated and complacent. It needs me to fail. I aforementioned I was on a journey here. These exercises keep me grounded and healthy in my mental realm. Yet I'm fighting an arduous battle in my physical realm. I'm in great pain, but I endure. My weight loss isn't moving as rapidly as my health is declining it seems. For every advancement I seem to fall further and further behind, but I forge on. I have my faith, and the peace of mind meditation gives me. There is so much untapped strength in my meditations. Thank you!! This means the world to me. Namaste 🙏🏾
Inside Outside, Open Closed
I really enjoyed the alternating between eyes open and eyes closed. I felt like every time I did this, the light was brighter when I opened my eyes- a fun sensation! I also found a deep appreciation for gentleness, with heart, mind, and body. This practice felt very sweet and gentle.
A deeper look 👀
I can be calm and relaxed, get in touch with my inner self, my heart, my mind. My thoughts can be internal and external. I enjoyed looking out the window and taking a deeper look at everything I saw. Validating even more that I appreciate life and feel fortunate to be where I am right now.
Connecting Outside of Body to Within
This meditation is exactly what my spiritual advisor has encouraged me to learn! I’ve had blocks doing on my I have a guide to assist me whenever and wherever I want/need.
Connecting Outside to Within
Learning this skill much easier with a guide. I’ve not had success doing on my own as my spiritual advisor suggests. This exactly what I need!
Coming Home
Lisa does a terrific job facilitating this meditation in a way that is calming, peaceful and centering. This was just what I needed after an emotional discussion with my son about his sweet dog’s health. Thank you, Lisa. 🙏 ♥️🙏
Coming Home
What a perfect meditation for me... It reminded me to be aware of every thing. That amazing things are happening. To just open or close my eyes and let them in.
Day 33.
I feel relaxed. The deep breathes allow me to be present in this moment and focus on expanding my belly. They help me to escape my thoughts for a moment of time. They help me to recollect my thoughts and consider them less emotionally. I hope this helped you in someway.
Cyndee 🌊
Once again🌅
It was so nice to listen to this meditation once again! Now I can head off to work with a deeper appreciation of the sounds, sights and feelings I have that are a direct result of all this. 🙏⭕️❤️🐬
Love the mental movement of going off into the distance and drawing back inward to myself and out again.