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Comfortable with Silence

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Being comfortable with silence is an important ingredient when developing a daily mindfulness practice. We learn to hang out in awareness and develop this natural rhythm of being with ourselves as we are and get to know what arises in our field of awareness. This practice will invite you to rest in the silence and notice what is present in the body, mind & heart. As your practice grows your ability to sit in silence will grow each time you can find the space to practice. Nature loves rhythms and even a short time being with yourself can be a real gift to your health & well-being. Enjoy your practice and I hope it continues to nourish you.
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11 reflections
Quiet amid the hustle & bustle
I am not afraid of silence. Actually quiet time helps me recharge, reset, and rejuvenate. This was bliss. I so needed it today in this moment. It gave me permission to take time for me. Shutting my door for solitude gave me the energy to finish my day.
Silence is okay.
Taking the time out of a busy day or after a busy week it's a rewarding to gift yourself with silence and to learn to love silence.
Sitting in since to clear the mind and create a blank canvas has helped me start a fresh to only fill it with positivity and good thoughts.
Silence is silver
As I've aforementioned I'm on a journey and all is well...except! I'm taking a year off from working and though everything is going ahead of schedule it seems. I've already lost 22 of my 50 lbs in less than a month of which I've allotted myself 3 months to accomplish. It was easy not to work during the summer because I never work during the summer my season starts in September. Now I'm bored to death and the silence is deafening! It's really "weighing" heavy on me. Pun intended.
I need to start taking time out for myself and just check in. I have this mindset of the order of how I think my life should play out, but it doesn’t always happen in the manner you want it to. I should be grateful for what I have now and I know the lord will provide even more. For now I’m going to live my life without hesitation and enjoy life. I also need to work on my confidence level and set some realistic goalS
Comfortable with silence
An easy meditation this one, unfortunate they are so short.
I was very busy minded
It was nice to take a breath and remember God’s promise to us “Be still and know that he is God.” Psalm 46:10b I have been so busy the last week trying not to be bored that I have forgotten to take my even 3 minutes to be with him and feel his love and presents and in this moment he brought back to me. I gave you these 2 years to be with me. Yes there is a lot to do but you need to slow down appreciate where you are and what you have and what you have accomplished in your past 30 years. Focus on today, grieve about the past, be Excited about the future, but always live with me in the present. And take your moments to breathe when they are too hard and let me carry them.
Back pain
I’m learning it’s hard for me to be comfortable and focused because of back pain and poor posture, but I’m doing daily exercises to improve it.
Wandering mind
I found it difficult to focus on one thing. It was like soon as i told my brain “silence” it began to think of a million things at once. I also found my sadness kind of flow back and forth like waves. The more i wanted to not think about the things making me sad or depressed the more prevalent the thoughts seem to get.
Space and time to myself is very important. Silence is a must
I tried to listen deeply but couldn’t hold my tears. I hope next days I will feel better and get out of my depression.