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Calming the Nervous System

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Chanting Om pronounced AUM is the sound that represents Universal energy, peace, or love. It is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of a Yoga Practice. When we chant the vibrations have a physical effect on the nervous system, decreasing blood pressure and improving heart health. Experiment with chanting and notice how you feel after this practice, is there more energy or aliveness in your body? Or can you notice a sense of ease as you learn to lengthen and extend your out-breath? Chanting can also calm the mind, similar to meditation. As we chant we can feel the vibrations of nature inside of ourselves. Thank you for your ongoing practice.
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Om good!
The short and sweet of it is I'm so glad I started this journey. Every day I'm fascinated by the meditation and exercises. I swear it seems synonymous to my life as if I'm seeing color for the first time. I'm a child taking its first true breathe. Thank you, so very much. Namaste 🙏🏾
Lisa Pollard
Chanting to Energise
I'm really enjoying chanting as a way of extending the out breath and feeling the calming effects of the vibrations in my chest, heart and belly. I like to chant everyday particularly int he morning. I hope you can bring this practice into your daily routine too and feel the Ongoing benefits. Om is the universal sound for peace or love.
Ok or Aum
This is A great way to start my day. Scientists have found that the vibrations that the cat generates when it purrs help to heal it’s body. The vibrations you create when you chant Aum are also very healing. Namaste
Extending the out breath
The out breath is connected to the part of the nervous system associated with digestion.
This is the single most effective way I know of to bring myself back into balance. I am feeling peaceful, relaxed, and serene. At the same time I’m mentally alert but completely relaxed.
After doing this for a while my body feels as though it’s tingling all over. It’s a good feeling and energized feeling. If I spend more time chanting Aum I can get lost in it: lost in feeling the vibrations throughout my body.
Chanting Om
This felt good and helped me focus not only on my out breath but my in breath as well🙏🏻
Welcome to the carton version of mindfullness...the banal, bleating chant of OOOMMM...I couldnt help but feel silly doing this session! I suppose I could have sat cross-legged on the floor wearing a turban for the full cartoon experience!😂 Seriously though! This is what mindfulness practice is presented as by Bugs Bunny, et. al.
Giving the stress away
Participating in the chant allowed me to center and give away some stress.
Good Vibrations
Extending our out breath is a proven way to resetting our nervous system. When we reset our our rest, digest and repair system, or rather our nervous system, we can experience lower blood pressure and increased feelings of calm and peace. When we add a vibrational sound to our extended out breath, such as OM, pronounced AUM, we find that we can reconnect with the energy inside ourselves as well as the Universe. Sitting in an upright position, I began to focus on my breath. Beginning to extend my out breath and pushing all of the air out of my lungs by squeezing my abdominal muscles, my body began to relax. Beginning to chant OM on my extended out breath, I sensed that I had begun to tap into the energy within this body of mine. Continuing to do this practice, I sensed vibrations arising in my throat, chest and feet. By the end of this meditation, my mind was alert, my body was energized and I felt connected with the almighty energy of this body of mine and the Universe. I am buzzing with good vibrations! Shaping our breath by extending our out breath has immediate calming effects on our nervous system. Chanting OM while extending our out breath gives us good vibrations. It’s a win-win if you ask me! OM and Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Good to know that we are resetting our nervous system when chanting Om or Aum. Already knew they are the creative sounds of the Universe. So when we are chanting this we are creating better health for ourselves & thus our Universe of which we are all one. Now that is a win-win!! Aum... ❤️🧎🏻🍀