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Breathe Abundance

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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Breathe abundance is the realization that the breath is a gift. The breath is our anchor, our vehicle home!
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Walter J
B r e a t h i n g . . .
Ultra relaxing session with minimal instruction & maximum time to do it. L o n g , d e e p breathes kept the rhythm nice and slow , allowing my mind to also slow down & just enjoy existing between the “nows”. Not too many thoughts, very little noise except the light surf background... very enjoyable and now time for sleep ... ☮️😴 🍀
Breath as home-base. It was nice to relax certain areas of my body with tension and listen to her guide through breathing.
Breath as a tool
Our breath is a tool that can guide us. We can take longer breaths to communicate to our brain we can relax, we are safe.