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Breath & Sounds

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Pay attention to your breath and sounds in and around you; an invitation to notice your body breathing. Learn to train your mind in this concentration practice as you ride the waves of breath from moment to moment. Body & breath are your home base as you feel this natural rising & falling. Thank you for your ongoing practice, and may it support you into wellness each day.Best wishes,Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Inside & Outside World
Learning to place your attention on the breath or the sounds allows you to focus on either your internal experience or what is happening in your outside world. Choosing what is easiest for you to stay attentive and awake. This 7 minute guided meditation practice invites you to open to the breath or sounds and come back to presence with either object of concentration. I find that breath or sounds is a great place to start when training your mind. I hope your practice can support you to today. Best wishes Lisa
Breath & Sounds
I learned that you can be awake and present while just focusing on the sounds outside my body. Just listen, without letting the mind wander off. I enjoyed this.
Receiving and letting go
It's a little embarrassing that I'm just catching on to this idea after years of mindfulness meditation, much of which centers on breathing. The breath is such a beautiful and ever-present reminder to us that we can receive life without aggressive pursuit, and then let go when it's time—without grasping or clinging. We do it all day: taking in oxygen without even thinking about it 99% of the time, and then releasing de-oxygenated air when it's time to let it go. Most people don't routinely hold their breath, and we all know what an exhausting labor it is when we try to hold it too long. For a while, I'm going to focus my thoughts on this—both when I meditate and whenever I can manage to attend to my normal breathing during the day. I need to accept the reminder that life can be defined by the healthy rhythm of receiving and letting go.
Cyndee 🌊
I am at ease
Starting my day with this very calming meditation, mantra and breathing exercise. I do feel inner calmness, a nice way to unwind and de-stress. Thanks to my Aura friend Debb, who shared her reflection, I’m ready to tackle the day!
Awake and Aware
Sitting on a bench, I became aware of my three points of contact; my feet on the ground, where my body made contact with the cushion on the bench and my hands resting on my thighs. Feeling these three points of contact, I went inward and became awake and aware of my breath. Sensing these sensations of my in breath and out breath, I noticed the simple pause that naturally occurs after each inhale and exhale. Sensing outwardly, I became awake and aware of the sounds I heard in my surroundings. I found an inner calm hearing the sounds of leaves swaying in the gentle wind and the various songs birds were singing. As this meditation went on, Lisa asks whether I prefer to be awake and aware of my breath or sounds as an anchor to the present moment. On a daily basis, I go back and forth from listening to sounds to feeling sensations in my body to anchor myself to the present moment. This time, I chose to go back to listening to sounds because I love the sense of hearing. After a short time of listening to sounds, I turned my focus inward and regained my awareness back to my breath. Using both anchors, our breath and our sense of sound, are great ways to get us into the present moment. Being awake and aware in the present moment, we can truly live our lives to the fullest. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️