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Breath & Body

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Breath & body is a short guided meditation, the breath is the object of meditation and then expanding out to the whole body. The natural breath and the sensations in the body invite the attention to rest in the present moment. The first foundation of mindfulness includes the breath and body, the physical sensations are easier for us to pay attention to when learning to practice. I hope you enjoy this meditation and can rest your attention in your body breathing. Thank you for your practice and I hope it supports you back into wellness.
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Lisa Pollard
Gratitude for Breath & Body
I invite you to practice this short guided meditation today. Feeling grateful that your body is breathing and sensing the aliveness of your body. Thank you for your practice and I hope you can feel the ongoing benefits of your practice each day. I really enjoy feeling this natural rhythm arising and passing away, breath by breath, moment by moment. Best wishes Lisa
Focus on Breath
Our body is a container for our breath. In this short meditation practice, you focus on your breath and the sensations that arise throughout your body. Focusing on our breath has many benefits such as energizing our body, getting rid of negative energy, and helping us to relax. It gives our body life. I am grateful for this gift.
By focusing on my breath I was very relaxed and yet energized.