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Breakups are HARD

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Breakups are painful. There's no way around that. But approaching breakups in the ways discussed can help us navigate through them, find valuable lessons, and a sense of freedom and aliveness on the other side.
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2 reflections
Christina Johnson
Bye to Ryan
I learned that Ryan was never good for me. I recall our first, “disagreement”, very early on. He was putting me down for being a coward with my ex and then went into how, he could never be with me had i not had a nurse for my special needs child. That he could not handle her. He would constantly put me down and throw in my face that I was a bad mother. He took me away from all who loved me. My sister, Tom, marqus,ant, any friends. He only wanted me to live for him. He created a great deal of anxiety just anticipating his moods when he would come home. I know now, and I think then, I was only infatuated with the attention he provided, however it was only physical and never mental. Bye Ryan.
Bye Ty
I learned that my happiness matters too. I am worth it, I am good enough and I deserve better!