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Breakups are HARD

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Breakups are painful. There's no way around that. But approaching breakups in the ways discussed can help us navigate through them, find valuable lessons, and a sense of freedom and aliveness on the other side.
From the community
3 reflections
Christina Johnson
Bye to Ryan
I learned that Ryan was never good for me. I recall our first, “disagreement”, very early on. He was putting me down for being a coward with my ex and then went into how, he could never be with me had i not had a nurse for my special needs child. That he could not handle her. He would constantly put me down and throw in my face that I was a bad mother. He took me away from all who loved me. My sister, Tom, marqus,ant, any friends. He only wanted me to live for him. He created a great deal of anxiety just anticipating his moods when he would come home. I know now, and I think then, I was only infatuated with the attention he provided, however it was only physical and never mental. Bye Ryan.
Bye Ty
I learned that my happiness matters too. I am worth it, I am good enough and I deserve better!
Worth something more
We learn as we go. Heart breaks are difficult, however during those times we can reflect on us and what was good and bad to become a better me.