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Body Sweep Part by Part

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
The body sweep is an invitation to take care of your body, part by part as you explore the language of sensation. Learning to stay present with the physical body and be with any part of the body in this caring careful way. I hope your practice supports you to back into balance today. Thank you for your ongoing practice. Best wishes, Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Practicing with my son Bede
Lying in bed we enjoyed this short body scan together. It's interesting to meditate with children and to discover where they can feel sensations in their body. Bede is 6 and he could notice his heart beat and was very still and relaxed.
Will the wonders never cease?
I never thought to add my grandsons in the mix. My children and son in laws yes. It was great! They enjoyed it. Now I'm super excited. Thanks! Namaste 🙏🏾
Body Sweep
I am learning to really enjoy the meditations which are body scans. I especially like the ones at return to center.
Awareness Unfolding
For weeks I have felt the blood flowing in and out of my fingers. Curiously interesting sensation upon discovery. Today, brought the awareness of the same from my thighs to lower back. Gentle and deliberate guidance played a large role in recognition. Nice to be discovering oneself as such. Well done meditation.
Body sweep
Body scanning is my most effective meditation study to date , a million thanks to all of the fine instructors and teachers on the wonderful Aura meditation site
Lisa Pollard
Body Sweep
I really enjoy feeling the sensations in my body part by part and so grounding when my mind is racing. I hope you can try this practice today. Best wishes Lisa
Malcolm Key
I felt
I felt like I should do this more but this was very helpful
Mind kept toddling off
Super relaxing, even though I couldn’t keep my focus most of the time. I will definitely come back to this one.
Body sweep, by parts
Excellent relaxation meditation. Even when my body has spasms from my MS I can feel the benefits of concentration of slow, part by part relaxing.