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Body Love

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Andrea Wachter, LMFT
Psychotherapist, Author, & Teacher
This practice guides you through the powerful process of filling up with the feeling of love and then extending your own loving gaze toward your body.
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3 reflections
Body Self-love
That was awesome. I visualized my two year old granddaughter running to me as I entered the house with arms wide open and then inserted MY body into this loving act. Wow, so interesting, so different to love myself like that, to visualize and actually feel it. Andrea, your delivery and message were love itself, warm, kind, safe. Thank you soo much for such a wonderful meditation and have a blessed day full of self love!!
Thank you
This was absolutely beautiful, thank you so much! This really helped me to feel happier and more at peace with myself.
Body love
1st time doing body love and I noticed it was difficult to look at myself with the loving gaze that I give to other people or things.
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