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Be Still

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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Stillness creates calm, calm creates, balance, balance creates harmony and in harmony we find happiness.
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This was so peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot as it made me focus on my work.
Be still
Be still and focus on how still you can be. I didn’t realize this meditation had ended.
It was nice to let go of everything in my room. The sounds, the feelings, my body. Just going inward.
After this meditation I felt very relaxed and at peace. I realize if I let go of everything for a moment I feel energized
Walter J
Being so still as to being transported to another dimension. Wow! I guess that is what the Bible means when it says in Psalms 46:10... “Be still and know that I am God!” Such a powerful feeling to disconnect from sounds, places, thoughts, time & space and just BE... kinda floating here & there but then also being everywhere at once, everything seemed bright but very comforting and I felt completely complete... not sure how long it was until i finally came back to this reality... Nice experience! 👍🏼❤️🍀
I sometimes meditate because sometimes I feel anxious and annoyed
I meditate because sometimes I feel anxious and annoyed with all the things that they do at ResCare and I have questions running through my mind like why are they screaming and yelling Margo Margo Margo Margo like that I don’t like that I mean I’ve also noticed that when I meditate I have all these other questions like is she feeling ok is there something wrong I feel like I get that question in my mind like why are we flip flopping around and I really don’t want to do that anymore because I don’t like that they need to quit doing that and put all these clients in one group home and I sometimes feel like I get this question is she not helping her at all why is she being rude like that I have also noticed that when I meditate all the negative things will go away right away and sometimes I feel like positive things come to my mind like that picture on the beach or pictures of me in west Texas when I was with my dad
To be still
I learned that if I am still a calming tide, it washes over me. It helps me.