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Dolores Martinez
Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Teacher
There are times we need just a couple of minutes to be present with ourselves, our surroundings, and our breath. This short meditation will allow us to do just that to calm ourselves in a few minutes to just sit and be present so we can then tackle the rest of our day.
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I struggle with being present. Thank you for this lovely meditation to start my day
This is a great quick meditation that was really helpful in focusing my attention back to the present moment this morning. Thank you!
Walter J
Great quick session on refocusing on the breathe to get back to the present. Ironically, as she has us take a moment to become more aware of our surroundings I smell & hear bacon frying in the kitchen and hear my furnace running and my radiators creaking as the warmth runs thru them... all very pleasing! Thanks for helping me refocus for a moment on life’s simple pleasures before getting into my day! ❤️🥓🍀