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Awareness of Breathing

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This short guided mindfulness meditation invites the breath to the center of your awareness. Feeling the sensations as you breathe in and out. You might feel the sensations at the nose, throat, chest, or abdomen. Learning to rest your attention wherever the sensations are most obvious to you. I hope you can learn to train your mind as you stay with the natural breath, coming back when the mind wanders. Mental noting may help you experience the breath and this can sometimes support your practice. May your ongoing meditation continue to nourish you each day, as your intention grows to practice regularly with kindness & patience. Best wishes, Lisa Pollard
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Lisa Pollard
Resting in the awareness of breathing
I'm always surprised that becoming intimate with breath is always interesting to me. Resting in the awareness of breathing is one of my main practices and I enjoy this before going to sleep each night. Being cradled by this natural rhythm and coming home with a smile when the mind wanders. I hope you can enjoy this guided practice too each evening to settle into presence.
Aligned with the cosmics🖖🏽
I really feel like I’m getting closer and closer in tuned with my aura everyday is a learning experience. #Longevity🧘🏼‍♀️
I felt calm but noticed I did lose focus while I was trying to pay attention to my breathing and be
I learned that it takes practice to solely focus on yourself and body
Paid more attention to this session. Got VERY distracted today. Oh well...on with Saturday!
So relaxed I fell asleep
Whoops 😴 I may need to be more alert and concentrated next time haha
Euphoric feeling
During this breathing exercise. I looked up at the morning blue sky and noticed the cumulus clouds shifting ever so slow but beautiful. I had the special feeling of excitement when your going on your first day of vacation and ready to go! That experience of a traveler to a new scene and destination!