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Awareness of Breathing, Body & Sounds

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Sitting or lying meditation. Recorded for MBSR - (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) Practitioners, inviting the breath, body & sounds to the center of your awareness, through directed concentration. This practice can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to find the space and time to be in the present moment. Enjoy your practice and see if you can redirect your attention when your mind wanders, coming back with patience, kindness and a non-judgmental attitude.
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5 reflections
Breath of fresh air
We take breathing for granted because our body handles it for us withtout a thought by when in practice of observing the breath you can settle into a very nice normal rhythm but extending the distance the breath travels into the body, I capillary feel it all the sundown tommy toes.
Lisa Pollard
Evening Meditation Practice
Being intimate with my body breathing has been central to my practice for the last 27 years. I never tire of feeling this natural rhythm arising and passing away. I find awareness of breathing to be a soothing practice which brings me much gratitude for my life force in each new moment. I hope you can take the time to explore this longer guided practice. Best wishes Lisa
Getting back on the bike after falling off can be scary. As I sit here, I feel eager, loved, worthy, and a little nervous. What should I do? What should I say? Will I cry? Will I laugh? Reconnecting can be a little uncomfortable. I have been here once. In the moment, it just felt right, good, and healing.
Extending my focus
Focusing on my breath centers me in the present. My mind is very wayward it is like a galloping horse headed home to the barn; it’s difficult to control. I’m learning that rather than controlling it I should realize it is simply the nature of the mind to wander and when it does to gently bring my focus back to my breath. By practicing each day I am increasing my ability to focus my mind on the breath for longer periods.
Begginers’ mind
After a day spent doing very little more than reflecting on my morning Aura practice, and absorbing Kathy and Debb’s responses to that, I was hoping for something a little more uplifting this evening. I guess a little ”reboot” of my mindfulness journey sounded appropriate! Spent more time tapping this little reflection out than following the narrative in a mindfull way. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!🍻