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Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Alternate nostril breathing is also known as Nadi Shodana. This breathing practice or pranayama stretches the breath, nadi meaning channel, and shodana meaning purification. This practice is aimed at cleaning or purifying the mind-body. It is suitable for anyone, as it is gentle and has a pacifying or calming effect on the nervous system. Alternate nostril breathing infuses the body with oxygen, releases toxins, stress & anxiety, and also supports balance and concentration. This practice can be helpful if you are feeling agitated or would like to invite mental clarity. Your breath must remain gentle and slow, inviting ease throughout your body. I hope you can enjoy this practice and feel the benefits daily.
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5 reflections
This is such an easy and quick way to "reset" from the stress and fatigue of the week. It truly brings presence of mind when focusing on the breath in this way.
Love alternate nostril breathing
Beside the 4-8-7 breathing exercise, alternate nostril breathing is my other favorite breathing exercise. It is very soothing. Very helpful during those sleepless nights.
Alternate breathing
Gently manipulating the breath or stretching the breath allows for space and ease once I return to normal breathing
Nadi Shodana
This is a practice that I hope to include in my daily practice. According to Ayurveda Institute this is a very important practice for health. After doing this my breath movies more freely and I feel refreshed.
Finding balance
I perceive that this has an effect on my total body. I feel as though it balances my nervous system.