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Affirmations for the Healing Soul

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
We all go through stuff and deal with trauma. It’s painful. It’s not easy to just “get over it.” It sparks and ignites a period of frustration, depression, guilt, shame, and/or pain. But, in time, you will heal and overcome. Trust the process. Dear healing one, this one is for you.
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I have breath. I am breathing. I have life. I am living. I have a heart. I am healing.
Accepting and moving on
I recently just ended a 6 year relationship and was in denial about it being mentally and emotionally abusive. I’m closer to accepting it for what it was, feeling how it makes me feel with realizing that, HEALING, and moving on. This is a great reminder of acknowledging what has happened, but NOT making it my story. Much appreciated.