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Affirmations for Checking In

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher
Affirmations are based on higher truths and they are a powerful way to show up for yourself. They shift your vibration and invite positivity in. Use this short array of affirmations to check in with yourself and be reminded of how and what you are capable of.
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Wishy washy busy mind
Even waking my mind us going - so a morning meditation even 2-3 minute is reminder to both settle in and step outside my brain and thoughts. Setting some energy music on the app sets a pace and brings delight more to the day and I will invite in the affirmations. - I am most important like a pearl, like a tree, like a moonbeam and I will be compassionate and love myself
So beautiful and needed, thank you. Saved fo remind myself whenever I need them. Incredibly soothing.
I will show up for myself!
This was the confirmation I needed to get this day started and move towards my passion.