Affirmations for an Incredible Day No Matter What

12 Min
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Jordana Reim
Inner Peace
No matter what today may bring, use this meditation as an anchor into your own strength, resilience and possibility through challenge.
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Loved this!
My favourite part was the end...You got this! Brought tears to my eyes...even though I smiled...Thankyou gave me hope💝
Great meditation
This meditation really helped soothe my heart ❤️ Very uplifting
To be unstoppable in our life, we must learn to take the good times with the challenging times. We must learn to not take anything personally. We must be impeccable with our word. We must always try our best. And, every morning, we must fill our mind, body and soul with goodness. Sitting upright with my spine elongated, I took in a few deep breaths into my belly. Getting settled in the Now with my heart open and receptive, I began to fill my mind, body and soul with empowering affirmations. With my mind, body and soul full of confidence and courage, I placed my hands over my heart and repeated the words, I’ve Got This. Smiling, I know that today will be a great day no matter what! Thank you, Jordana! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️