Abundance Waves
Let’s face it, our mind is a chaotic place. It has evolved to think. That is why Deepak Chopra says that there is no such thing as peace of mind. That is why utilizing tools, such as meditation is so important, as doing this practice on a daily basis will help us gain power and choice over our thoughts. This brings me to this beautiful meditation. Using our breath as our ‘home base’, as an anchor to the present moment, Cory perfectly demonstrates the power and choice we have over our thoughts. Sitting upright in a meditative posture, I brought my awareness to my breath. While taking long, smooth and deep breaths, I visualized sitting on the sand watching the waves of the ocean come towards me. I began to think of my wishes and saw them coming towards me with each wave. Seeing the waves begin to glisten, I looked up towards the sky and saw the sun appear through the clouds. Feeling it’s warmth penetrate my skin, I noticed my thoughts begin to change. Instead of thinking of things I am wanting, I began to see all the abundance I already have. I looked out at the vastness of the ocean and as the waves came rolling in, I began to see images of my loved ones. Feeling the love, I began to notice everything I already have in my life. As these abundance waves continued to roll towards me on the shore, tingling sensations broke out all over my body and an immense joy washed over my heart. Knowing I have power and choice over my thoughts, I feel absolutely victorious! It’s sure a great day to be alive! Thank you, Cory! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️