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A Reminder That You Are Worthy

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Denise Funfar
Integrative Coach & Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher
Listen before sleep or during a busy day to remember that you are worthy, lovable, and whole just as you are right now.
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8 reflections
Self worth affirmations!
Reminding ourselves we are worthy & loveable is so incredibly important. A beautiful practise to do first thing in the morning or before bed! Definitely a new favourite.
My mantra in the latest period is: "I accept myself, I love myself, I am self-confident" And they go in this sequence, since there is no realization of one statement if the preceeding one is unaccomplished. It is interesting to know how we need to befriend and make piece with our internal demons and personality defects, since just ignoring them doesn't work... Being able to acknowledge them befriend them and then move on is the single one most effective part of this mantra...
I Am Worthy...really?
I learned that I am having daily experiences that are not satisfying. I’m older now, and I will now change my expectations. I am worthy, and I may have to cease looking for validation from others. I no longer believe I must follow the path that others follow. I must follow my own path. Now, I must discover what that path is. I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m good, I know I am good.
Siu Yen
I am worthy
This is a great reminder that we are worthy - even though there are times when we don’t think it and we beat ourselves up about it. It’s also a lovely meditation track to listen to after a hectic day just before we go to bed.
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This was just what I needed to hear! Thank you - I am worthy and wanted.
I need to hear “I am worthy” much more than anyone would know. I seem much more confident than I really feel.
I am worthy. I am much more afraid than I admit to myself. It is time to overcome my fears. It is time to let them go.
Helpful re-enforcement
This is a nice relaxing meditation. I helps with re-enforcement of positivity and calm. I should use it again. Helps with either sleep or starting your day!