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4 Part Breathing

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
4 Part Breathing is a short guided mindfulness meditation to focus on the natural movement and stillness of each breath. Feeling the 4 parts of each breath and resting in the spaces in between, to invite ease and steadiness during this time of uncertainty. Mental noting is invited to train attention control and stability. Thank you for your practice. Best wishes Lisa
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Day 1/ Part 1
4 steps to breathing, focus on feeling the pause somewhere............................................
i learned that the anxiety is a part of me and it is not an obstacle, it might make things and situations more difficult but i still am myself
Struggling to find calm
Recently I have been struggling to find calm, though I have not been presenting myself as stressed, my body feels that familiar anxiety when thinking about certain things (assignments, needing to wake up early, etc). Though, mentally, I feel calm, my stomach has that sick feeling and I’m very much struggling to get to sleep (though once I fall asleep I’m fine) but it is taking me hours to get myself to sleep. I think I may need to sacrifice some things like device time (I don’t spend too much time on this usually anyway), it may help a little though. This meditation has given me a great way to focus on my breath by including the pause. Hopefully this can help me out. Anyway, happy Friday everyone ❤️
Work stress
Recently work has been very stressful due to the current health situation and change to our work days. I haven’t been able to relax after work as I have been taking that work and stress back home. This has also affected me sleep. The breathing exercises have helped me to find calm before I go to sleep.
Lisa Pollard
4 Part Breathing
This new guided meditation will guide you to noticed the spaces between the breath with gentle mental noting. This can be very soothing during the current times of uncertainty we are all experiencing. I hope this can support your practice today. Best wishes Lisa
Meditation Journey
I learned that there are four parts to my breath and when I focus on the 2nd and 4th parts where I pause to breathe in and out, I am completely present and have no thoughts or worries.
I was really able to get into meditating outside.
Maybe my issue is I shouldn’t be trying to do it in my office.