Taking the Great Leap
Every one of us has a spiritual charge which gives us inspiration to live our best life. In every moment of every day, we are either going up or down depending on our spiritual charge. The best way we can charge our spiritual battery is to breathe in the light from the spiritual sun every morning and always remember that we are first and foremost, beings of light. We can also connect to our Source anytime we want. To make this upcoming year the best one of our lives, we must be willing to take the Great Leap, which is from the land of knowing and doing nothing to embodying what we know, essentially to the land of action and Becoming. We take this Great Leap by doing more of what lifts us up and refrain from doing things that bring us down on a daily basis. In this phenomenal meditation, Michael gives us a way to charge us up and then has us repeat some pretty incredible affirmations. We then contemplate what we want to feel, what we want to achieve and how we’ll do that in the two aspects of our life, our inner and outer worlds. As I decided that this upcoming year, I will take the Great Leap, I said the many affirmations in my mind as my hand held a pencil and wrote them down on a piece of paper for future reference. I then contemplated how I felt about my life right now and how I wanted to activate my inner and outer worlds each day. To activate my inner and outer worlds, I asked myself what I would have to do to achieve it and what I would have to release and let go of. After writing down my answers, I know that this upcoming year will be my best year yet and I will enjoy this journey! In fact, this journey is beginning Now! I am beginning an online retreat today this last week of this year. When I ‘reopen’ my eyes a few days after the New Year, I will be seeing so clearly that nothing will stand in my way of living the best year of my life! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ P.S. If you personally want to make 2021 the best year of your life, then I highly recommend taking the time to grab a pen and some paper, listen to this meditation and do what Michael tells you to do on a daily basis! Yes, it is that powerful and profound! Happy New Year! 🥳❤️