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20 Minute Sitting Meditation - Breath, Body, Sounds and Thoughts

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A longer sitting practice to calm the mind with the breath, tune into the body, practice mindfulness of sounds and learning to not be dragged around by thoughts but staying present in the moment.
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I learned it most of the time in my every day life my mind is filled with random, fleeting, bothersome, persistent, pleasant recurring, nostalgic, disdainful, terrifying, and triumphant thoughts seemingly all at once or At the very least back to back to back. My thoughts come at me like a constant barrage of missiles,the enemy being attacked during war by a thousand ballistic torpedoes per minute, bombarding my mind and ultimately damaging my very soul. As they are incessantly fired at me with do you intention to seek and destroy all that is beautiful and dear to me. In fact they only want the things that are near and dear to me. Their heat seeking sensors look for just that – the warmed, protected and Personally favored safe Havens that I have inside. And I realize that there is NO ENEMY, Because in actuality, it’s always only me. Yep, me that sends the missles, and me that calls in that strike team; it’s me that’s hell-bent on destroying myself. Need it seeks to Rob myself of safety in the places where I feel protected.the places the places I feel safethe torpedoes being shot from the decks of tens of thousands boats making up the differenceI am the captain the lieutenant and the major. I am every single private standing at salute-all the Myriad battalions and fleets of any particular mode of thought or all engulfing feeling or mood I could possibly have or fall into all of them just waiting to rob me of my peace and sanity. I know now I don’t have to read them because it’s not them it’s me I can stop sending the bombs I can stop calling the strike team I can call my troops home, And abolish the draft so that my mind can never give this much energy to something so horrible and painful ever again. Once I do this on the true peace and stillness within myself I’ll finally be in the now and there’s nothing in my imagination Mabel to do to run away with me. Eventually there will no longer even be in the wild horses to carry me away. I will be here, NOW, as I am.
Changing Moments
There is an acceptance as well as a surrendering that takes place within us when we take time to sit and notice what is in the moment. By accepting, we do not resist. By surrendering, we put trust in the unknown. In this meditation, we explore four aspects; our breath, body, thoughts and then open awareness where we sense everything in our immediate surroundings. Sitting in a comfortable, but upright position, I brought curious attention to my breath. With each inhale and exhale, I noticed my belly rising and falling and the length of each. Extending my curiosity, I brought my awareness to my body. I noticed the pressure of my feet on the ground and various sensations swirling in my body, changing with every moment. Bringing curious attention to sounds in my surroundings, I heard how they rise out of silence, stay awhile and then dissipate back into silence. Bringing curious attention to my thoughts, I noticed that I was watching them from a witness standpoint. In this way, I wasn’t getting caught up in any one story. Finally, I brought curious attention to my entire experience. Noticing everything all at once, a knowing came into my awareness that everything is fleeting. Sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts and images change from moment to moment. The only thing that stays constant throughout these changing moments is me. Therefore, I cannot be an emotion. I cannot be a thought. I cannot be a sensation of any kind. Instead, I am a timeless spiritual being having human experiences. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Julian Aurelius
A brilliant way to do a sitting mediation
I was reticent about doing a 20-minute session; however, it seemed to fly by. Great instruction to just focus on the next breath, then the next etc. it helped my mind not to wonder too much, helping me to just see thoughts instead of getting continually lost in them. Really enjoyable practice - each time Iearn something new with Jiva.
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