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10 Minute Morning Meditation (Guided)

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Brandon Epstein
Mental Fitness Trainer
This 10 minute guided morning meditation will help you have a positive mindset with a clear intention for your day. All rights reserved by The BE Mindset LLC.
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3 reflections
Positive energy
I felt positive energy this morning with meditation releasing any negative thoughts and hanging onto happy positive thoughts.
Marques Pizarro
This was beautiful
I love the 10x energy from this session. I get like I would have just gone through the motions for work, for the day. Anxious, stress, burdened. Those were the labels I placed on today… but now those are gone. My day is abundant, jubilant, and beautiful. My work, it’s not a job, it’s an HONOR. My relationships, they’re not boring, they’re exciting. My life, it’s not wasted, it’s significant. My intention today is to connect with others and help them the best way I can. Thank you.
Clearing sleep
Waking up and going into guided meditation, deep breathing and intention setting sharpened my mind.